17 Ways To Use Burlap Sacks

Used burlap coffee sacks are commonly used in craft and DIY projects— here are the common types of projects.

1. Burlap Curtains

Use burlap for curtains in the living room as drapes or as a valance. You can even use it as a shower curtain and customize it with other details without even having to sew!

Burlap curtains.

2. Burlap Christmas Stockings

The opportunities are endless with DIY Burlap Christmas stockings. Crafters can keep it neutral or add in other colors as they wish. Simple sew and no sew tutorials can be easily found online.

Burlap Christmas stockings.

3. Bed Skirt

This burlap bedskirt is romantic, yet rustic and super easy to create. Just a few supplies make this low budget bedroom piece a must.

4. Burlap Seasonal Wreath

A burlap wreath is an awesome, shabby-chic front door creation. One that can be jazzed up and changed throughout the seasons.

5. Lamp Shade

How cool is this DIY Burlap lamp shade? Take an old lamp shade and give it a makeover with burlap. Keep it super simple or more fancy with just glue and burlap.

6. Pillow Cover

Pillows themselves can be costly. Instead of buying new, update the ones you have with burlap. Tie them around the pillow to let the original design show through, or cover it up completely.

7. Seasonal Tree and Plant Covers

Use burlap to protect plants and trees from outside sources. Cold weather, insects and wildlife can be kept at bay with easy to find and affordable burlap.

8. Garden Flag

Jazz up the garden or home entryway with one of these burlap garden flags using paint and stencils made for outdoor usage.

9. Herb Garden

An herb garden can be successfully created with burlap bags for those with a green thumb. It’s affordable, durable and great for smaller spaces.

10. Burlap Sack Dog Bed

Repurpose old pillows by filling a burlap sack that is both washable and much cheaper than the traditional store-bought dog bed.

11. Burlap Ottoman

This old, rolling toy bin was repurposed into a storage ottoman that looks much more expensive than it is! The burlap color and black stencil make it neutral enough for any space.

13. Burlap Stenciled Placemats

We love the simplicity of these burlap placements that really wow the dining room space using fun dining vocabulary.

14. Burlap Wall

Who would have thought that you could update the entire look of a room using burlap as wallpaper? The addition of texture is certainly unique in this living room!

15. Burlap Basket Storage

If you are looking for organization, you can find some cheap baskets or boxes and cover them with burlap in a variety of different ways for a uniformed look.

16. DIY Burlap Coasters

Crafters can really get creative using burlap as drink coasters. A little painters tape, any color paint and design as you wish!

17. Christmas Ornaments

Burlap can be used in the holiday season in several ways. We think these tree ornaments are the perfect custom creation that can be a holiday tradition each decorating year.

18. Burlap Calendar

Using an old picture frame or a cheap store bought option, you can create a burlap dry erase calendar to help stay organized.

Where to buy used burlap coffee sacks?

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